Venus in D major

A piece from 'The Toilet of Venus' series.

Mars&Venus, oil, painting, sketch

Make Art Not Warm

The series of eco-focused abstract still lifes, devoted to the northernmost city in Russia — Norilsk.

mixed media, painting, sculpture, sketch

Four nymphs

oil, painting, sketch

The Toilet of Venus is on the short list of Untilted Prize Foundation contest

Mars&Venus, oil, painting, sketch

Anastasia Chukovskaya’s portrait

oil, sketch

Bali sketches, part II

Bali series, sketch

Bali sketches, part I

Indonesia inspired drawings with local routine and sarong colors.

Bali series, sketch

Balinese Ceremony

acril, Bali series, painting, sketch

Made, Bali series

Bali series, oil, painting, sketch

Sleeping Mars III, oil on board

Mars&Venus, oil, sketch