Oksana Devochkina


Photo: Sobaka Spb

Oksana Devochkina is an artist from St. Petersburg who lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She was born in the city of Krasnodar in 1984, USSR.

In 2009 she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Arts of St. Petersburg State University, got a Master’s degree in Design. She has been painting since 2003. In 2018, her personal exhibition took place in the Arctic Museum of Contemporary Art in Norilsk. Oksana is a finalist of the ‘Untitled Prize’ and a Laureate of the CurArtine contest. Today she is the curator of her own project Kunstfuck Art Residency.

2021: VR solo-exhibition ‘All Saints’, curator Ilona Olkonen

2019: exhibition ‘A-Abstraction-Architecture’, UNKA, Budapest, curator

2018: Solo exhibition ‘Make Art Not Warm’, Arctic Museum of Modern Art,  Norilsk, Russia

2018: Shortlist of Untitled Prize, Moscow, Russia

2018: Solo exhibition ‘Urban Orban’, Nyul Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2008: Exhibition ‘Geflechte’, Museum of Connections, St. Petersburg, Russia. Curator Igor Sacharow-Ross

2008: Group exhibition ‘Disappearing Petersburg’, Center of print and graphics, St. Petersburg, Russia

2008: Group exhibition in the Museum of Nabokov, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002: Laureate of the photo contest ‘Multi-Culti in Berlin’, Berlin, Germany

2001: Finalist of ‘Schau Hin! Sag was! Tu was!’ photo contest, Oldenburg, Germany